$30 for 1 hour Private Walk . Limited Spaces.

Woodbridge, L4L 8V5, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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Pupperino Petcare

Private Dog Walking , Puppy Visits, Cat Care, Pet Services and more...

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Serving: Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Maple, King City and surrounding areas in Vaughan, Ontario. 

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Pupperino Petcare

Bindertwine Park, Vaughan, Ontario L0J 1C0, Canada

(416) 875-2706


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Meet My Team:

Pupperino team members are all carefully selected and screened to provide you with top level of service. We find that animals form strong bonds with their caregivers therefore we try our best to keep the same team member taking care of your pet and establishing a routine that your pet can look forward to. 

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Quality Petcare Service:

                Hi , my name is Natalia and that’s my white boxer Georgia who is my inspiration behind creating Pupperino Petcare. I have been fortunate to be looking after Georgia throughout her whole life.  But as I’m sure most pet owners will understand even after they’re gone they always leave paw prints on your heart and so in her memory I started a unique petcare business focusing on each individual pets needs in the comfort of their home.  


              My  12 years with Georgia has taught me how to take care of a dog from puppy to senior years. I dealt with her allergies, puppy training, socialization, injuries and surgeries  and daily medications, but mostly  many wonderful times attending dog  events and festivals where I could learn things from experts in pet care and meet other dog owners.  Even though I had a different career at the time, I always knew I wanted to work with animals and now I couldn’t be happier I made that choice. 


                I studied Animal Welfare  at Thompson Univerity to better understand small animal health and nutritiin needs. I’m certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  I’ve also taken courses on canine behavior and training through DogGuru. I’m licensed and bonded and fully insured by ProFur insurance for Petcare  Professionals. 

               My empathy  and compassion is what makes my business special. I cater to senior dogs, young puppies and injured pets who might not be well suited for busy daycares or group walks, or dogs that prefer the one on one attention and having the same person come to visit them every time.

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Why Choose My Services?

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. 

Hiring a professional dedicated petcare provider to come to your house is beneficial in many ways :

*** it saves you from having to drive to a daycare facility and have to rush to pick your dog by their closing time . We work around your schedule and do all the driving  to safely arrive for your dogs pre arranged appointment. *** 

                   The services are tailored to your specific needs . You don’t need to worry about your young puppy or elderly dog having to keep up with fast pace of a large group and we can accommodate dogs of any size , breed or personality as long as they have no previous history of aggression. We have experience handling reactive and shy dogs.          

                         You can return home to a happy tired dog at the end of a long workday and no longer have to worry about your pet being bored and lonely. We can clean up any mess from your pets so you don’t have to stress at work wondering what you’ll come home to this time. We also provide photo updates of each walk or visit and you’re welcome to message with any questions or concerns throughout the day. 

Even if you are not leaving home, there may be instances where we can be of service. Unusual working hours or lengthy illnesses may make it difficult to care for your pet. When those times arise, Pupperino Petcare is just a phone call away,  ready to provide assistance. Email with your specific request.

• on occasion we are available for weekend visits and evening walks , $5 per hour surcharge applies to services provided on weekends and holidays

*** there will be a $10 cancellation fee applied to all services cancelled same day , unless it’s due to emergencies or inclement weather.  We respect your time and you respect ours ***

  Pupperino Petcare is a registered and insured business and follows pet insurance policies . All new clients must complete a meet and greet and fill out the waiver forms before the start of services. This includes all boarding as well. 

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